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The once seemingly blissful marriage between Letoya Makhene and Lebo Keswa has come to an end as the couple heads for divorce. The reasons behind their separation are deeply troubling, involving allegations of infidelity, physical assault, fraud, and various other misconducts.

Businesswoman Lebo Keswa recounted several harrowing incidents that led to her decision to end the marriage. She revealed that Letoya Makhene had physically attacked her on multiple occasions, including scalding her with boiling water, hitting her with an ironing board, and throwing a vase at her. Additionally, Makhene is accused of causing significant property damage, such as burning curtains and damaging furniture in their Randfontein home.

Allegations of Infidelity, Abuse and Substance Abuse

Keswa disclosed to Makhene’s family the reasons behind her decision to file for divorce. She alleged that Letoya Makhene had been unfaithful on two separate occasions. According to Keswa, Makhene had engaged in an extramarital affair with a Nigerian man, allegedly in exchange for drugs. This betrayal occurred only two weeks before Keswa asked Makhene to leave their home. Makhene then went to stay with her family in Tladi, Soweto, but soon after, she allegedly cheated again, this time with a local lesbian woman.

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Letoya Makhene and Lebo Keswa
Letoya Makhene and Lebo Keswa in happier times-Images Source@X

Keswa recounted enduring physical abuse from Makhene on three separate occasions, including being burned with hot water. Despite these assaults, Keswa initially sought forgiveness rather than legal recourse, influenced by an apology from Makhene’s father, Blondie Makhene. Keswa admitted to making the mistake of forgiving Letoya and not pursuing legal action beyond filing police reports.

Destruction of Property

The tumultuous relationship also saw significant property destruction. Keswa described how Makhene had vandalized both their homes, breaking windows and burning curtains at her grandmother’s house and destroying furniture at their shared residence.

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As the details of their troubled marriage continue to unfold, the decision to part ways seems to be the final step in what has been a deeply challenging and painful relationship for both parties.

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