Prince Kaybee’s Side Chick Says She Never Had Sex With The DJ.

Prince Kaybee's Side Chick Says She Never Had Sex With The DJ.
Prince Kaybee’s Side Chick Says She Never Had Sex With The DJ.

Prince Kaybee’s 4-5 has been trending online since last weekend.

It seems ladies can’t seem to get over his gifted manhood that was leaked by his girlfriend, Hazel Mahazard.

The estranged girl posted screenshot of her chats with the DJ together with nude pictures he had been sending her.

It became obvious the DJ had so many other holes to poke apart from his main girlfriend Zola Mhlongo.

Last year, Kaybee and Zola came out in public about their relationship and how they were so in love with each other.

Kaybee’s fans were hit by surprise upon stumbling upon his manhood and chats that showed he had been cheating.

The DJ issued a statement on Wednesday admitting to cheating on his girlfriend and embarrassing his family.

But people wanted to know more than anything the girl who leaked his nudes, and for what reason.

Hazen Mahazard as she is affectionately known issued a statement last night apoligizing for her actions.

In her statement, she said she leaked the chats and images to hurt her boyfriend.

It is not clear what they were fighting over.

“On Tuesday 4 May, I posted a tweet with pictures and private conversations between Kabelo Motsamai (Prince Kaybee) and myself.I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to Kabelo for the posts and any other damage that the picture may have caused to his dignity, public image and personal life and his businesses,” reads part of the statement.

She further said that contrary to public belief that the two met back in 2017, they actually met last year on a business trip.

She, however, denied having sex with the DJ.

“I have never engaged in any casual or sexual relationship with Kabelo Motsamai from the time I met him to date.
I regret the entire incident and have taken to heart all the harsh lessons that came with it,” she further explained.

Prince Kaybee had earlier threatened to sue her for leaking his nudes.

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