Prison Warden who bedded serial rapistPrison Warden who bedded serial rapist

Prison Warden Who Bedded A Serial Rapist To Face Disciplinary Committee

A female prison warden captured in a viral sex tape was rumoured dead after committing suicide due to work and family pressure.

But correctional services spokesman Singabakho Nxumalo said she was still alive and would be facing the disciplinary committee soon for her behaviour.

Nxumalo revealed in a statement that sexual activities between prison security and inmates was a serious offence and both would be subject to prison disciplinary process.

A viral clip made rounds on social media a few days ago. In a six-minute long video which a male inmate recorded with his phone, he is seen shagging a female prison warder without protection in a locker room.

There is nothing in the video that shows any of the two not consenting to the act.

After so many enquiries were made to the South African prison service, the body quickly responded, assuring that the two would be punished.

The prison service department also revealed that the incident took place in Ncome prison in KwaZulu Natal.

No names of the individuals was revealed.

But social media detectives were quick to find more details of the two.

Prison Warden who bedded serial rapist
Prison Warden who bedded serial rapist

The lady in question is said to be married and his husband is not the prisoner on the video despite striking similarities between him and her husband pictured in a series of viral photos.

Prison Warden Face Disciplinary

Another source who claimed to have worked with the warder alleged that she was previously suspended from work for another offense.

The source said her husband was not working with the prison service, but stayed with her in prison home facilities.

The prisoner on the other hand has been unmasked as a serial rapists who was given a life sentence back in 2008 for a number of crimes.

He was busted for rape, armed robbery, house breaking, attempted murder and attempted rape.

Prison spokesperson, Nxumalo urged social media users to stop sharing the shameful video.

Prison Warden Who Bedded A Serial Rapist To Face Disciplinary Committee

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