Mkhize Royal AM OwnershipShauwn Mkhize Royal AM ownership (Image Credit: Instagram @kwa_mammkhize)

Questions Linger Over Royal AM Ownership As Shauwn Mkhize Fails To Give Lucid Answer

Shauwn Mkhize failed to give a lucid answer about who owns the DSTV Premiership outfit Royal AM football club when she was questioned about the club ownership.

The South African female celeb, MaMkhize, who claims to own Royal AM Football Club, seems to have been lying since she failed to pinpoint the actual owner of the football club.

Mkhize Royal AM Ownership
Shauwn Mkhize (Image Credit: Instagram @kwa_mammkhize)

MaMkhize was recently a guest on a radio show, Sports Night Amplified, on Metro FM, hosted by Andile Ncube.

Andile Ncube asked Shauwn Mkhize about club ownership, but she could not give a definite answer.

She said that in 2021, her sister owned the Royal AM club but sold it back to her.

Andile kept asking her for more details, but she couldn’t explain. She changed her answer and said that the club belonged to Royal AM.

Royal AM (owns the team). It’s owned by Royal AM … There can’t be a person (who owns the teams); there can only be a trust. It’s owned by the trust,” Shauwn Mkhize said.

Watch the interview below as Shauwn Mkhize fails to give a lucid answer to who is the real owner of Royal AM Football Club;


 Shauwn Mkhize also spoke up in defence of her son Andile Mpisane against people who were criticising him about his soccer ability.

MaMkhize said that her son, Andile Mpisane, had been playing football for the AmaZulu Football Club for a while before he began playing for Royal AM.

She was very proud of his talent and said there was no way he could have played for Amazulu if he wasn’t talented.

“Andile was playing for AmaZulu, long before… Yes, on its development stage. He wouldn’t have entered AmaZulu if he didn’t have talent. If you look at the people that scout for people who play for AmaZulu, they only look for talent. Andile, at his youngest age, was already playing for AmaZulu. So he would have (qualified)…”