Reactions To Larona Moagi’s Exit From The River

Tumi’s Bad Acting

Reactions To Larona Moagi’s Exit From The River

Another one bites the dust!

The River wrapped up season 3 with a literal bang, last night.

The ultimate episode of the telenovela saw Lindiwe Dikana wield her gun and kill her own child, Tumi.

Lindiwe and Tumi have danced with death several times, and were always a stone throw away from killing each other, because of the secrets they kept.

In the past Lindiwe has tried to kill Tumi and vice versa, but somehow they would always find their way back to each other.

This time, Lindiwe really took Tumi out and in the most gruesome way.

This was after Tumi threatened to spill all the terrible things Lindiwe has done to the world and her mother wasn’t going to take it lying down.

In an act of anger and desperation, Lindiwe repeatedly fired at the helicopter which was carrying Tumi.

Tumi screamed in despair as the her mother shot at her and when she realized that the helicopter was going down, where she met her demise.

Larona Moagi’s Exit

Fans of The River had mixed reactions to Tumi’s death, with most of them happy because they had been calling for Larona Moagi’s head for a long time.

Here are some of the comments

“I am happy, the role was too big for her. I believe she also gave it her best.

Anyway, this was a FIRE episode, this is why they are an internationally nominated telenovela.  Congratulations to the team”

“Definitely not sad to see her go.. The role was too big for her. I think she needs to find her passion.. Acting is definitely not it. She wasn’t improving at all yhooo. Tumi’s character was big.. Needed someone who is talented and can nail it”

“I personally have nothing against her, I just didn’t like Tumi. Would love to see her back on our screens on a different role, maybe something she can handle. Tumi character got to heavy for her to handle and the show progressed”

However some of fans were not pleased by Tumi’s death and Larona Moagi’s exit.

“The River production team really succumbs to peer pressure. Viewers are in control of the show. Everyone they complained of being bad actors are getting axed from the show. 1st Mbali, then Lindani and now Tumi. Who is next? Andile?”

“I liked Tumi she is a part of the river killing her off will just derail us all … please bring her back #TheRiver1Magic”

“I don’t understand why are people celebrating Tumi’s death. This character carried The River since season 1. There is no the river without Tumi. #TheRiver1Magic”

It looks like Tumi’s death is going to stick this time, as Larona Moagi confirmed to Daily Sun that she was leaving the show.

Maybe in the future the writers can bring her back, it’s not uncommon for The River to pull off resurrections.


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