Read Why AKA & Cassper Boxing Match Is Delaying

AKA Signs Boxing Contract At Last
AKA Signs Boxing Contract At Last

Read Why AKA & Cassper Boxing Match Is Delaying

 AKA & Cassper Boxing Match

Are they afraid of each other? What exactly could be going on?

Its been months since SA rap megastars, Cassper Nyovest and AKA promised us a boxing match that will significantly squash their beef.

But their delay has led many fans to believe no such match may take place in any day in their lifetime.

It seems that the two are playing a chicken game with each accusing the other of refusing to sign the contract over their proposed boxing match to settle their feud.

Quite recently, Cassper promised his fans he was going to give AKA a thorough beating in the boxing ring, but AKA has been delaying to sign the contracts, he said.

“Lmao… Highest selling kae motho o pallwa ke zone 6? Stop lying to us. Your music career is over so sign the contract and let’s box mfanaka!!!! I can’t wait to get in the ring with you and beat you to a pulp!!!! Tse baya ke maka!!! Forget!!!”


But AKA has hit back to Mufasa’s claims.

He says the boxing match has delayed materialising because while he was busy putting more effort in training, Cassper has been busy eating amagwinya.

While AKA had previously announced that the fight would be scheduled for September, he now says next year will be a better time to do the fight due to Cassper’s lack of seriousness.

“Boxing negotiations take time. When I was training this past year, he was busy eating amagwinya. Now we must scramble and jump into line. Doesn’t work like that. The fight will happen next year. That’s all there is to say about that. Happy holidays” tweeted AKA.

Speaking of the contracts the two have to sign before the boxing match, AKA says he has been trying to find investors for the match to begin.

“Here’s where we are, the contract hasn’t been signed by either of us. Why? Because I had to find someone to invest R2 million because they wanted to pay me R500k. Now that I have my money, we should be concluding soon,” he added.

The AKA Vs Cassper boxing fight may not take place anytime soon as both aren’t prepared or willing to do so, but continue to talk about the fight as a way to hype their loyal fans


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