MakhadziMakhadzi (Image Credit: Makhadzi via Instagram)

Record Label Drama: Makhadzi, Open Mic Productions Release Conflicting Statements

Open Mic Productions has refuted the claims that the renowned artist Makhadzi has departed from their record label.

Makhadzi, whose real name is Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona, recently stated that her three-year contract with the company concluded in March, and she is now concentrating on her own label named Makhadzi Entertainment.

Nevertheless, according to Open Mic spokesperson Nkateko Maluleke, Makhadzi is currently under contract with Open Mic Productions until the label decides otherwise.

“We are sitting with a valid contract, so we won’t be issuing a similar statement. She’s still on contract with Open Mic,” said Maluleke.

“It [the contract] was an auto renewal, so people get excited and sensationalise, that is why I have taken up a position not to engage publicly but rather stick to what we have on record.

“An auto-renewable contract means when the expiry time comes, it automatically renews until the record label decides not to renew. It renews with a similar period as the initial contract and she has a letter confirming renewal.”

In disagreement with Maluleke’s statement, Makhadzi clarified that it was essential for her to shift her focus towards other business ventures, highlighting that the music industry is not entirely secure.

“The relationship between myself and Open Mic Productions was like a match made in heaven, as it elevated both of us to become top household names in the South African music industry,” said Makhadzi in a statement.

“Our relationship produced four studio albums and all the albums did very well.”

“They have really played a huge role in my growth as an individual and for that I will always appreciate the company and the good working relationship we had.

“I have taken a decision to not renew the contract with Open Mic Productions, so I can focus on my own company, Makhadzi Entertainment and other business ventures.

“We are all aware that the music career is very short, and I feel that it’s time I grow my own business and myself as an individual, so that I can leave a legacy for my family.”

By jdt