Rhythm City’s David Genaro Returns To TV With “Hard Topics with Jamie Bartlett”

David Genaro Returns

Rhythm City’s David Genaro Returns To TV With “Hard Topics with Jamie Bartlett”

Former Rhythm City actor, Jamie Bartlett will be making a return to TV, after taking a hiatus.

Jamie Bartlett is well known for his role on Rhythm City, as the villainous David Genaro, whose diabolical actions have everyone in a twist.

David Genaro Returns

Jamie Bartlett will be hosting his new show called  “Hard Topics with Jamie Bartlett” on Hillbrow TV.

Hard Topics With Jamie Bartlett is a socially conscious show which tackles the difficult conversations on  spiritual awakening, sexual reproductive health, religion and race issues.

The director, Hams Hanana  confirmed the news to Daily Sun, saying

“We decided to have Jamie on the show because of his realness and the fact that he likes the truth. So, we, as a media platform, always bring real and raw issues affecting people, especially black people and we feel he knows our struggle and pain.

He’s a person who always asks the relevant questions. Questions, that get people to always think further. Plus, he grew up around the hood. We are more than happy to have him at our platform. We know we’re going to move mountains.”

Jamie Bartlett left the fans in despair, when he left Rhythm City for good, after 13 years playing the role of David Genaro.

David Genaro Returns
David Genaro Returns To TV

The actor said it was time to rest the character, as they had explored everything there was about David Genaro.

Jamie Bartlett knew his character in and out that  sometimes he would tell the writers what David Genaro would and wouldn’t do.

With Rhythm City wrapping up in July, fans are hoping that David Genaro will once again return for a grand farewell to the fans.

We can only hope!


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