Robot Boii Mr JazziqRobot Boii and Mr Jazziq

Multitalented media personality Robot Boii is under fire over the s_xual harassment claims made by a YFM producer against Mr Jazziq.


The Allegations Against Mr Jazziq

Last month, YFM content producer Ngcebo Mcobothi took to X to allege that Mr Jazziq, born Tumelo Manyoni, s_xually assaulted her in an elevator at the station. This was when Mr Jazziq and Robot Boii had gone there for an interview to promote their new song, Magents (Khululu).

After Mcobothi accused him, Mr Jazziq released a statement refuting the allegations. He also released a video taken by his team of when they were inside the YFM premises. The video did not, however, show the scenes from the elevator.

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Robot Boii Catches Strays From The Mr Jazziq Saga

Robot Boii Mr Jazziq
Robot Boii and Mr Jazziq [Image: Facebook]


Earlier this week, podcaster MacG called Robot Boii asking him what happened in the elevator.

Considering the sensitivity of the issue, the Salary hitmaker just responded, “Mr Jazziq released a statement.

When MacG and Sol Phenduka tried to extract comments from him, Robot Boii stuck to his response.



Since Monday, some people on X have been cooking Robot Boii. Most, however sprung to his defence.


“@podcastwithmacg how do you feel about what’s happening to Robot ? What were you hoping to achieve? How do you expect someone to make a comment on a matter that’s being taken to court? Why didn’t you call Jazziq if you wanted answers? Le sele gampe lona.”


“Black men need to be radical about protecting black women 🤷🏾‍♀️I’m a robot boii fan, but someone has to stand up for us.”


“Yhoo he’s protecting that man, he definitely knows what happened 🤧” 


“Reminded me of this “Every woman knows a woman who has been raped but there is not a man that will admit to knowing a rapist.” Wild.” 


“lol you want him to speak on a court case that hasn’t been finalised yet. You do know lawyers advise against that as it may used in the court of law.” 


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