S.A Loses Another TV Bighouse As Lockdown Actress Lindiwe Ndlovu Dies

Actress Lindiwe Ndlovu Dies

Mzansi Loses Another TV Bighouse As Lockdown Actress Lindiwe Ndlovu Dies

Actress Lindiwe Ndlovu Dies
Lockdown Actress Lindiwe Ndlovu Dies

Multi-award winning actress, Lindiwe Thembekani Ndlovu sadly passed away this morning in her home.

The sad developments were confirmed late in the day by her family and entertainment commentator.

Unfortunately not much was revealed about her cause of death, but the statement iHarare is in possession of regarding her passing indicates that Lindiwe had been sick for some time now but sadly died in her home this morning.

RIP: Actress Lindiwe Ndlovu Has died

The multi-award winning actress Lindiwe Thembekani Ndlovu passed in her home this morning. #RIPLindiweNdlovu #KgopoloReports pic.twitter.com/zIOQPfzZIh

— Kgopolo Mphela (@PhilMphela) January 11, 2021

The award-winning actress had just joined the famed BET Africa telenovela, Isono as Francinah, Msizi’s sister who arrives with her 2 kids, Tryphosa & Dombolo, bringing trouble for Milly and Lilly.

She is well known for her role on Lockdown as Sharon, a jail matron.

Below reads the statement;

Lindiwe Ndlovu — Press release — 11 January 2020

It is with heavy hearts and unimaginable sadness that we brings you the news of Lindiwe Thembekani Ndlovu passing in her home this morning 11′ January. Her bright, large burning light has gone out and we are devastated to bring you this sad news. To us Lindiwe was family but to many she was so much more. An unsung incredible actress who will leave a huge space in the creative world of acting. Her incredible passion, deep respect for her craft and unrivalled commitment to her career evident in every project she took on.

Her career has been long and full of industry accolades and performances. By far her greatest achievement was receiving her SAFTA Award, which was presented to her by the incredible American actor Samuel L Jackson, which she received for Best Actress in a Feature film.

Lindiwe’s love for the stage is reflected in the many productions she gave her heart and soul to. A large number of them being performed at the Market Theatre, to which she had strong ties with her entire career, even spending her younger days completing two years of studies there.

From a TV and film production aspect, there are too many of her roles to mention, each of them giving herself into the character and process heart and soul.

What we will remember most is her love and unwavering dedication to her friends and family. She had a larger than life presence that was undeniably infectious to those who loved her.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends of which she had many. Lindiwe was part of the fabric of Gaenor Artist Management and things will just not be the same without her.

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