“SA Is Not A Retirement Home”:
Tamia’s South Africa Tour Mocked on Social Media

Renowned international singer and songwriter, Tamia is set to tour South Africa later this year, but her announcement has been met with ridicule from some social media users who claim that she is no longer relevant.

Despite being a multi-Grammy award nominee and having previously performed in the country on three occasions over the past decade, some have labeled her as “washed.”

Tamia is scheduled to perform live in three cities during her fourth visit to South Africa.

G21 Live and Vertex Entertainment, the event organisers, have confirmed that Tamia will be performing at the Grand Arena in Cape Town on July 4th, at the Durban ICC in KwaZulu-Natal on July 7th, and at the SunBet Arena in Pretoria on July 8th.

Limited tickets for Tamia’s show are currently available for purchase on Ticketpro, with prices ranging from R390 to R1490.

Despite her clear affection for South Africa, having visited the country on four separate occasions over the past decade, Tamia’s upcoming tour has received mixed reactions on Twitter, with some expressing their lack of enthusiasm for the event.

Some users alleged that Tamia’s career is in its twilight, and she is coming to South Africa because she is no longer a cash cow.

Check out some of their sentiments below.


“American artists treat SA as their retirement package. I found out that Boys 2 Men are also coming to perform in SA😂”


“She was just here 4y ago…”


“[I’m] In her defence bandla ☺️ she used to come to SA during her peak. I remember attending her show in 2005, ai she loves SA.”


“These artists, when they are no longer relevant, they tour to SA, it means the likes of Beyoncé & them will come when they are grannies.”


“Is South Africa a retirement home for these musicians.


“We are not a retirement theatre for musicians, especially Americans. She must stay at home.”


“She really gave a beautiful show last time. I’m definitely keen to go sing along again 😭”

By jdt