Sans: Arrest the Premier Or Else…

Arrest the Premier

Sans: Arrest the Premier or else…

South Africans are having none of the apologies made by the Mpumalanga Premier, Refilwe Mtsweni-Tsipane who attended Minister Mthembu’s funeral without a mask yesterday morning.

Although the Premier has profusely apologised including some of her aids Sans have taken to Twitter with the #ArrestRefilweMtsweni or else they would also start walking without their masks on.

In recent months, senior government officials have often walked scotfree after contravening COVID-19 regulations but this time Sans are having none of it.

However, the Premier’s Office has remained steadfast to her apology, “upon arrival at the cemetery and disembarking from her vehicle, the Premier’s mask was damaged and the Premier was oblivious of the fact that it had fallen off. The Premier was of the belief that the mask was intact as had been the case throughout the proceedings. The Premier’s aides promptly sought a replacement mask which the Premier utilised for the rest of the proceedings.

The Premier has extended an apology to the people of Mpumalanga for that momentary lapse wherein her mask fell without her being aware or conscious of it.”

However, Police Minister Bheki Cele has since said that an investigation would be launched on the Premier’s incident.

Cele said that non-wearing of masks in public was non-negotiable and necessary action would be taken. His spokesperson Lirandzu Themba said it was important for the Minister to ascertain what he said: “When the investigation is completed and it is handed over, then we can all satisfy ourselves that the right action has been taken against the Premier and whether she will pay a fine or there be other action against her.”

If found guilty the Premier could face six months imprisonment or a fine of not more than R5 000 as per the COVID-19 regulations.

Sans: Arrest the Premier or else…


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