Sbu Talks About Rumours Of Him Leaving Uzalo 

Sbu Talks About Rumours Of Him Leaving Uzalo
Simphiwe Majozi…. Sbu Talks About Rumours Of Him Leaving Uzalo

Not so long ago, Uzalo show lovers got the most disappointing news about their much endeared actor, Simphiwe Majozi who was said to be leaving the show soon.

Rumour had it that the Simphiwe, who portrays one of the most entertaining characters – Sbu – on the popular SABC show Uzalo did not renew his contract as the show started shooting for season 7.

Rumours about him leaving the show were spiralled by him baing scarce on the screen for sometime now.

Many assumed this was because he was leaving the show.

Now, if you are one of the fans who were dismayed about this development, worry not.

iHarare can confirm that Simphiwe Majozi will not be leaving the show anytime soon.

If for anything, the actor signed a one year-long contract at the end of last month.

Speaking about the rumours, Sbu says he was alarmed by the number of people who hit him up on his phone asking about the issue.

He came out recently to Daily Sun crew to set the record straight on the matter.

“The truth is that I’m not leaving as I recently signed on the dotted line with Uzalo.

As much as many lead actors are leaving, I still enjoy being part of Uzalo and showcasing my acting talent with them,” he said.

Sbu further explained why he hasn’t been available on the show.

He said the show producers have been reserving much time for those leaving the show to dominate the storyline, hence, his absence.

Majozi said his Uzalo’s Sbu persona will not be leaving the show, but rather, having a radical change on how the character portrays itself on the show.

He has always been known as the comical one on the show.

But for the upcoming season 7 episodes, his character will be changed from being comical to gangster.

“We have negotiated with producers to bring back the old Sbu, who was the township gangster. We will see the response of viewers who will tell us which Sbu they like – the funny, hyperactive Sbu or the original gangster Sbu.

We will not kill the current Sbu, but we will tone down the funny side of the character and make it focus more his gangster side like the old days,” he said.

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