Scientists Blame Use Of Plastics On Why Penises Are Shrinking

Wide usage of plastics has been pointed out as the sole reason why there is an increased number of men with shorter 4-5s in the world.

Lots of concerns have been raised over time with regards to more men having shorter penises – especially the new generation.

Dr Shanna Swan, a fertility doctor finally found out that the main cause for this was pollution.

In her book, Count Down, she pens down that a chemical called phthalate is the main culprit in this.

Phthalate is a chemical industrially used during plastic manufacturing to make them more flexible.

Dr Shanna says due to plastic waste pollution increase in the world, more phthalate is released on the environment while more of it is transfered to humans on a daily bases thought the use of plastic products.

As a result of this pollution, a growing number of babies are being born with small penises while more genitals, including that of females are increasingly malformed, her book says.

Dr Shanna found these results after conducting a research on rats which had been exposed to phthalate.

Results revealed that when fetuses were exposed to the chemical they were likely to be born with shrunken genitals.

A further study on human babies found that there is an increased number of babies across the globe with shorter anogenital distance – something that correlated with penile volume, and this was because they were exposed to phthalate while in the womb.

Dr. Shanna also says humanity is facing an “existential crisis” in fertility rates because of the same chemical.

Her book looks into how “our modern world is threatening sperm counts, altering male and female reproductive development, and imperilling the future of the human race”.

By Letho