Sello Ncube Wife fightSello Maake KaNcube and wife PearlSello Maake KaNcube and wife Pearl

Sello Maake Ka Ncube and Wife Pearl Fight At Hotel: Shocking Details Emerge

Cracks seem to be surfacing in the marriage of veteran actor Sello Maake Ka Ncube and his wife, Pearl Mbewe Maake kaNcube. According to reports, the couple was involved in a heated argument at a hotel in the Eastern Cape, which allegedly turned violent.

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Details of Sello Maake Ka Ncube and Wife Pearl Fight At Hotel

A person staying at the same hotel as the couple provided details to the publication ZiMoja. They claimed that Pearl was screaming and cursing at Sello after his performance in the stage play “The Suit” in Grahamstown. While the source did not witness the altercation firsthand, they reportedly saw Pearl the next morning with a burst lip and black eye.

To add to the troubling situation, the source stated that Sello Maake kaNcube allegedly left Pearl behind and travelled to Johannesburg, leaving her to deal with the aftermath of the incident. The reason behind their latest quarrel remains unclear.

“The situation is so bad that Sello left his wife behind while she was suffering from pain after the altercation. We don’t know the reason for the latest fight,” the source said.

The source further revealed that the couple’s public display of affection masks the discord that occurs behind closed doors.

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Sello Feeling Trapped?

Another source suggested that Sello Maake kaNcube feels trapped in the marriage because Pearl is also his manager and has contributed to his professional success.

“That man feels trapped in that marriage because Pearl knows a lot about him and she has people who will always clean her image while portraying him as a villain,” added the source.

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Pearl Seemingly Confirms Hotel Incident

When called for comment, Pearl seemingly confirmed that there was trouble in paradise by saying,

“Why is it that every time something is happening between my husband and I, there are sources who are telling you our problems.”

She claimed that she and Sello were together at the time of the call but declined a video call to verify this. Sello did not respond to ZiMoja‘s calls and text messages.

By Tayana