Luke Ntombela DJ TiraLuke Ntombela's lawyer dare DJ Tira to sue[Image: Instagram]

Mzansi has been left wanting to believe Luke Ntombela after her lawyers dared DJ Tira to sue the musician as he threatened in his cease and desist a few weeks ago.

Musician Luke Ntombela, who previously insinuated that DJ Tira had committed s_xual assault, has firmly stated that she will not be cowed by his wealth or celebrity status. Ntombela had earlier demanded answers from DJ Tira after allegedly waking up unclothed beside him, suspecting that she had been drugged and sexually assaulted.

DJ Tira Issues Countering Legal Threats

In response to her accusations, DJ Tira’s legal team issued a “cease and desist” letter, accusing Ntombela of tarnishing his reputation. Nonetheless, Ntombela’s attorneys have now dared DJ Tira, whose real name is Mthokozisi Khathu, to pursue legal action if he desires. On Monday, K Matseke Attorneys, representing Ntombela from Johannesburg, sent a letter to DJ Tira’s legal representatives, Khathi & Mkhize Attorneys, affirming that Ntombela would continue to express her truth.

“Should your client feel compelled to seek legal recourse as threatened, you are hereby invited to proceed with such a threat,” the letter stated. Ntombela’s lawyers emphasized that she would persist in advocating for those who have faced cyberbullying and have been silenced for voicing their experiences.

Luke Ntombela lawyers
Luke Ntombela’s lawyers serve DJ Tira with a letter-Image Source@X

The letter further challenged DJ Tira to present his version of events, which he claims would refute Ntombela’s allegations as “baseless, unfounded, and defamatory.” It was clear that Ntombela’s team did not intend to litigate through correspondence and reserved the right to address all allegations in a suitable forum.

Luke Ntombela Still Awaiting A Response

Sharing the letter with her followers on social media, Ntombela wrote, “And you, @djtira, for thinking money and fame are everything. There is someone above representing us all. @djtira, I’m still waiting for an explanation.” She also declared her stance with divine support, stating, “With the help of God, I am standing up for those who have or are experiencing cyberbullying, those who have been challenged, silenced, criticized for speaking their truth, and those who are shy and are still afraid to speak.”

Mzansi Reacts to the musician’s persistence

After the lawyers’ letter to DJ Tira, Mzansi has been left compelled to believe Luke Ntombela’s story. Below are some of the comments on X:


If the girl has this much confidence in what she is accusing DJ Tira of, then it might be true.


She must stand by her words and open a police case, if she has merits


If this girl is confident in what she’s saying then



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