Shebeshxt Lookalike HennessyShebeshxt (Image: Zikiph'ni)

Shebeshxt Gives His Lookalike a Bottle of Hennessy During Live Performance

The bad boy of South African music, Shebeshxt, is once again in the spotlight on social media, but this time for a positive reason.

Social media users got to see the softer side of Shebeshxt who was caught on camera giving his lookalike a bottle of Hennessy.

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A Heartwarming Moment: Shebeshxt Gifts Lookalike with Hennessy

During a recent performance, Shebeshxt displayed an act of kindness by gifting a bottle of Hennessy to a fan in the audience. The lookalike who was wearing the Twerka hitmaker’s complete attire, received a bottle of Hennessy from his idol. Overwhelmed with joy, the lookalike and those around him erupted in excitement.

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Mzansi Appreciates Different Side of Shebeshxt

Social media users could not help but commend Shabeshxt for being kind and gifting the man, who might just be his biggest fan, with a bottle of Hennesy mid-performance. They remarked that for a change, the Limpopo-born musician is not beating up his fans. Some humorously suggested that Shebeshxt beat up the fan after the show and got his bottle of Hennessy back. Here are some of the comments:


When he’s not moering people he’s actually good person 🥲


He lowkey is a good person,he just doesn’t like nonsense,we all don’t like being provoked!


Atleast he’s not moering them this time around, the level of GBV makes it hard being Shebeshxt’ fan. Buying a ticket to Shebe’s show means there is a high chance you might get a bottle or 2 on your head.


Only because his lookalike would be easy for him to spot…so he could bliksem him after the event and take back his Hennessey


After the event he’ll bring back ka time ka nako 😂😂

You can watch the moment Shebeshxt gifted his lookalike a bottle of Hennessy in the video below:

By Tayana