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Skeem Saam Star Amanda Manku’s Dad Tormented by Angry Amadlozi Behind Bars

In a chilling turn of events, the father of Skeem Saam actress Amanda Manku claims he has been plagued by the wrath of his ancestors while in prison.

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Arrest and Charges

William Manku, along with his co-accused David Khoza, was arrested in January this year for the brutal murders of his wife, Gladys Manku, and mother-in-law, Letty Maphothoma, in May 2021. Both men have been in custody since their arrest, with Manku denied bail and Khoza abandoning his.

The pair face a litany of charges, including conspiracy to commit murder, robbery with aggravated circumstances, attempted murder, two counts of murder, and defeating the ends of justice.

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Chilling Revelation During Bail Reapplication

During a recent bail application hearing at the Lebowakgomo Magistrates Court, Manku took the stand and made a startling revelation. He told the court that his ancestors have been haunting him, threatening to drive him to madness or even kill him.

Manku explained that he had been attending an initiation school during his time off before his arrest. However, since his incarceration, he has been unable to continue the spiritual training, and his ancestors have turned against him.

“I was going to initiation school during my off days. Now that I don’t go, they trouble me. They come with threats that because I have started and am not continuing, I might be mentally ill, or they might come and kill me,” William said.

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Amanda Manku’s Dad Loses Sleep Behind Bars Because of Amadlozi

The distressed man further added that the ancestral visits have become increasingly frequent, with the spirits appearing to him aggressively every night and sometimes even during the day. He said he is afraid to sleep due to the terrifying visions he experiences.

“I’m bringing this information now because there are a number of things, one of them is because I can’t sleep. They come to me aggressively, and I’m afraid to sleep because of the things I see. I’ve tried to explain to them the area I’m in, but they don’t understand.”

He noted that the visits from the aggressive ancestors started recently.

“It’s been two months. At first, they would come once a week, and I would try to apologise to them. Now, it’s frequently. It’s every night. Sometimes, it also happens during the day, if I decide to sleep,” he explained.

Prior to his initiation, Manku had been suffering from leg problems, which were resolved after he began the spiritual training. Now, he fears the consequences of abandoning his ancestral obligations while incarcerated.

“After going into thwasa, my legs were healed. They were swollen but not painful. They were swollen to a point where I couldn’t wear shoes and walked barefoot,” he concluded.

By Tayana