Skomota Comes Underfire After He Inappropriately Grabs a Woman's Bum In A ClubSkomota comes underfire (Image Credit: X)

Viral sensation Skomota has come under fire after a video of him grabbing a woman’s bum in a club emerged on social media.

Skomota who has been making headlines on social media has been accused of s_exual harassment by social media users following his inappropriate behaviour.

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Skomota Inappropriately Grabs Woman’s Bum in a Club

In the video which is now circulating on social media, the overzealous Skomota can be seen seated on a couch in a club with his colleagues, and next to them, there is a lady standing and socializing with her friends.

Skomota Comes Underfire After He Grabs a Woman's Bum In A Club
Skomota Comes Underfire After He Grabs a Woman’s Bum In A Club (Image Credit: X)

Out of the blue, Skomota suddenly reaches out and inappropriately touches the woman’s bum without her consent.

The woman was rather infuriated by Skomota’s inappropriate behaviour and called him out.

Skomota who has been used to having ladies pamper him with kisses in public looked rather dejected and angry after the woman rejected him.

Watch the video below;

Social Media Reacts

This disturbing incident has triggered widespread outrage among social media users, who are condemning his inappropriate behavior.. Netizens opined that he is letting fame get to his head. They also argued that at the rate that he is moving, it won’t be surprising if he is arrested for s_exual harassment.

Check out some of the reactions;


That lady said not today bro I’m not part of the mapara ladies you use to hang out with..


this chap is punching above his weight


He needs to keep his hands to himself


He will get into a serious trouble 1 day if he gonna continue with such behaviour ….


Skomota has been taught that women are his objects and he is gonna end in jail. Dude doesnt respect women.Him touching women without  their permission is not gonna end well


he is taking himself way way too serious now hey

very very annoying

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