Skhothane Sa Pitori in Hot Water Over Shebeshxt 'Death Hoax' AnnouncementSkhothane Sa Pitori in Hot Water Over Shebeshxt 'Death Hoax' Announcement (Image Credit: X)

Skhothane Sa Pitori in Hot Water Over Shebeshxt ‘Death Hoax’ Announcement

Skhothane Sa Pitori, manager of Skomota, has issued an apology for falsely announcing rapper Shebeshxt’s death in a car accident.

His apology follows criticism from social media users who accused him of spreading misinformation and initiating a death hoax.

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Shebeshxt’s False Death Announcement Causes Stir at Tjibeng Gig

Shebeshxt fell prey to a death hoax following an announcement by Skhothane Sa Pitori, claiming the rapper had perished in a car accident.

Skomota's Manager Skhothane Sa Pitori Comes Under Fire For Publicly Announcing Shebeshxt's Death After Accident
Skomota’s Manager Skhothane Sa Pitori Comes Under Fire For Publicly Announcing Shebeshxt’s Death After Accident (Image Credit: Facebook)

Skhothane Sa Pitori made the announcement during a gig in Tjibeng on Saturday night, stating Shebeshxt had succumbed to the accident.

False Alarm: Skhothane Sa Pitori’s Apology Over Shebeshxt Death Hoax

His declaration ignited outrage on social media when it was revealed that Shebeshxt was indeed alive.

Following intense backlash from social media users, Skhothane Sa Pitori publicly apologized. He defended himself by citing a misunderstanding at the gig and acknowledged the potential for confusion on social media.

Furthermore, he expressed well-wishes for Shebeshxt’s swift recovery.

“I’d like to ask for forgiveness, there was a misunderstanding at a gig that took place yesterday. Please forgive me. Shebeshxt is still alive, he is not dead. Social media sometimes confuses people. Speedy recovery my friend. South Africa still loves you,” he said.

Watch the video below as he apologizes;

Netizens Slam Skhothane Sa Pitori for Shebeshxt  Death Hoax Announcement

In response to his apology, social media users criticized Skhothane Sa Pitori, insisting that he should offer an apology directly to Shebeshxt and his family. Many accused him of displaying main character syndrome.

Here are some of the reactions;


Main character syndrome! Wanting to be the first to break the news


He should apologise to Shebeshxt


Attention seeker this one he’s trying by all means to be relevant!!! Shebeshxt must murr him when he get discharged!!


People will do anything for clout! Even if that was the case why would you wait for his family. Sies! Saze savelelwa ngabant ababi 🤦🏽


Blaming social media, when he wanted to be the first to break the news,sies.


Problem is Wa Phapha o Polo edi Papa,even if the guy was gone it was not ur place to announce like you did

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