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Smoke & Mirrors Thandiswa Actress Ayanda Bandla Credits Legendary Zimbabwean Actor Leroy Gopal For Shaping Her Career

Ayanda Bandla, a gifted actress who brilliantly portrays the lead role of Thandiswa in the exhilarating new drama series “Smoke & Mirrors” on eTV, recently revealed the profound impact of the legendary Zimbabwean actor Leroy Gopal on her career.

In this captivating show, overflowing with suspense and intrigue, Bandla’s character embarks on a daring mission to unveil the true nature of three morally corrupt individuals residing in the quaint mining town of Emnyameni.

Alongside her, a talented ensemble cast including Zolisa Xaluva, Lusanda Mbane, Meshack Mavuso-Magabane, Angela Sithole, and Kabomo Vilakazi grace the screen, creating a mesmerizing blend of talent.

In addition to her impressive role in “Smoke & Mirrors,” Ayanda Bandla has left a lasting impression in various notable productions.

She brought the character of Gugulethu to life in “Identity,” portrayed the vibrant Katlego Nqobile in “Lavish,” and showcased her talent as Lakhe Amon in “uBettina Wethu.”

Bandla’s deep-rooted passion for the performing arts was kindled during her upbringing in Protea North, Soweto.

It was there that she discovered her love for singing, actively participating as a member of school and church choirs. This early exposure to music played a pivotal role in shaping her artistic journey.

How Zimbabwean Actor Leroy Gopal Shaped Ayanda Bandla’s Career

Bandla has expressed profound gratitude towards Leroy Gopal, who not only played a crucial role in discovering her talent but also became a cherished friend. She fondly shared how Gopal recognized her immense potential and acted as a nurturing guide, treating her talent like a precious gem.

Gopal encouraged Bandla to actively engage in his acting workshops, providing her with invaluable opportunities to hone her skills and grow as an actress.

“I was first discovered by actor Leroy Gopal, who has turned into a very dear friend of mine. He’s the one who saw the star quality in me and motivated me to join his acting workshops. After I completed the workshops, I then decided to get an agent and got my first acting gig in 2016,” she said.

In addition to her heartfelt appreciation for Leroy Gopal’s workshops, Bandla revealed that she did not pursue formal training as an actress beyond that.

Despite holding a degree in political sciences with a specialization in international relations, her unwavering passion for the arts ultimately guided her towards her current vocation.

“I didn’t get to study to be an actor, I am a political sciences graduate and specialise in international relations. I also come from a debating background which I thought I was going to venture into. However, my love for the arts led me to where I am today,” Bandla told SowetanLive.

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