Snikiwe Mhlongo x Zamani MbathaSnikiwe Mhlongo x Zamani Mbatha ( Image Credit : @snimhlongo/ @PhilMphela)

Snikiwe Mhlongo Puts Rumors Of Reconciling With Zamani Mbatha To Rest

Snikiwe Mhlongo has rubbished rumors of reconciliation with actor Zamani Mbatha.

This follows after a video that featured Snikiwe and Zamani conversing outside her apartment complex went viral on social media.

Given that the two had been in a six-year relationship, many viewers interpreted the footage as a sign that they were trying to reconcile.

Despite the widespread attention the video received on social media, Snikiwe made it clear on Twitter that she had no intention of reconciling with Zamani, despite the leaked footage of their interaction.

She wrote:

“Going back” is not an option for me bandla

According to some reports, an FBI Twitter account believes it has identified the woman that Zamani was allegedly found in bed with, so it was not surprising that Snikiwe maintained her stance of not taking him back.

It should be noted that neither Zamani nor the alleged other woman has confirmed the identity revealed by the FBI Twitter account.

A few days ago, Zamani found himself trending on social media when Snikiwe exposed him after she found him in bed with another woman.

Mhlongo took to social media to express her outrage towards Mbatha sharing video snippets and pictures as proof.

Mhongo wrote:

Damn been dating a cheater this whole time” 

While many people were shocked by Mbatha’s cheating scandals, others found it hard to believe that Mbatha and Mhlongo were ever in a relationship.

Below are some of the responses on social media when Zamani’s cheating scandal erupted.


Just when I was about to logout and then Zamani Mbatha’s cheating scandal pops ups


Zamani Mbatha is a cheater ?? 😂😂😂 the first day of March and already there is drama

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