Hlubi Nkosi BentleyHlubi Nkosi celebrates new Bentley-Image Source@X

Hlubi Nkosi’s video celebrating his new Bentley has trended on X (formerly known as Twitter and Mzansi is not impressed.

The millionaire, known to be Londie London’s ex-fiancee and baby daddy, recently purchased a new Bentley that is rumoured to be worth R4 million.

To celebrate, the businessman went to Pharaoh, where he danced around the car with a crowd of ladies who worked at the car dealership. Many bottles of expensive alcohol graced the event as people congratulated Hlubi on his new purchase.

Hlubi Nkosi’s previous troubles with SARS

The businessman has been in the headlines before with rumoured troubles with South African Revenue Services. Many claimed that the millionaire made money through fraud and that the Revenue authorities were investigating him.

Hlubi has never publicly addressed the rumours before but keeps buying new cars every other month and showing off his wealth on social media.

Mzansi thinks Hlubi Nkosi is Spitting Londie London.

After their public break-up drama, Londie London quickly moved on with a mysterious man who has been spoiling her with expensive gifts, including cars. The reality TV star showed off the new vehicles her now-boyfriend bought her to her fans.

Londie London gets new car-Image Source@Instagram
Londie London gets new car-Image Source@Instagram

X users can not help but wonder if the public show-off of the expensive rides by Hlubi is to spite his baby mama. The businessman shied away from the spotlight when dating Londie London and rarely showed off his wealth.

Social media users react to Hlubi Nkosi’s video.

MDN News posted the clip of Hlubi Nkosi celebrating his new car on X. Many people swamped the post with comments and were trolling the businessman instead of congratulating him. Below are some of the comments from X users:


I thought there’s something wrong with me for thinking this celebration is exaggerated. Yes a Bentley is amazing but I cringe at the way they are hyping the purchase.


What did Londie see I this man? He’s embarrassing man

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