Young Stunna GirlfriendYoung Stunna (Image: Young Stunna/Instagram)

‘So She Doesn’t Smile’: Mzansi Buzzes As Young Stunna’s Girlfriend of Many Years Is Unveiled

The ever-active South African social media landscape was abuzz with commentary after controversial gossip monger Musa Khawula shared a photo that he claimed showed Amapiano star Young Stunna introducing his new girlfriend.

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Khawula Fuels the Gossip Fire

The image, which Khawula said was shared by Young Stunna himself via WhatsApp, quickly made the rounds on X (formerly Twitter), with commentators quick to analyse the newcomer in the singer’s life.

While the authenticity of Khawula’s claim could not be readily verified, the picture’s release was enough to set tongues wagging. Young Stunna, known for keeping his personal life private, was thrust into the spotlight as social media users dissected the appearance of the woman in the photo, with many noting that she did not appear to be smiling.

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Mzansi Buzzes As Young Stunna’s New Girlfriend is Unveiled

Some made lewd insinuations about the woman’s lack of enthusiasm, while others speculated that she might be a paid companion rather than a genuine romantic partner. However, some commenters suggested that the woman in the photo was Young Stunna’s sister, rather than a new girlfriend. Others pointed out that they have been together for years.

Here are some of the comments:


Why engathi she was paid for a picture, isn’t make sure 🤔


So the girlfriend doesn’t smile?


Probably for her not smiling, is because she realized that the axe cannot cut the tree!


You know a rent-a-relationship when you see one.


It’s his sister

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Young Stunna Addresses the Gay Rumours

Interestingly, the same girl was featured in a picture Young Stunna shared with entertainment gossip blogger Maphephandaba on Instagram. This followed a viral image of a man, resembling Young Stunna, sitting on another man’s lap while wearing a thong. The viral photo sparked rumours about Young Stunna’s relationship status.

To set the record straight, Young Stunna posted a picture with his girlfriend and declared that he is straight. In a private message to Maphephandaba, Young Stunna humorously stated:

“Been laughing at that the whole week, I love titties. 🤝🏾 I’m fine with the way things are though, I’ve never commented on anything i trend for.”

By Tayana