Somizi Receives Mixed Reviews Over His New Shoe Designs

Entertainment commentator; Phil Mphela has just revealed Somgaga’s latest collaboration with Bathu SA shoe brand. 

Somgaga who has been a brand ambassador for Bathu has released a new design under the brand titled; BathuXSomizi which is available in gold, ruby, diamond, and platinum. 

The brand(Bathu SA) itself revealed the new range and prices on its Twitter page: “The wait is finally over. Introducing the new #BATHUXSOMIZI diamond sneakers! Price: R1800. Available in all our stores from the 12th of February (tomorrow). ‘Walk your journey.“

Metro FM also congratulated Somgaga on the social media page by tweeting:

“Today we wallk the journey with @somizi&bathu_sa as we launch the #BathuXSomizi range of sneakers. Stay tuned for a sneak peak of what the collection looks like.”

While women love the new range, a lot of men feel like the shoes are too girly, divaish, and glitzy for them. 

This isn’t true though as there are a variety of shoes in Somgaga’s range that are fitting for everyone. 

Here are the comments from fans regarding the new Bathu range:

“Is the Bathu shoe line really beautiful or we have to buy it cos it’s a local brand?”

“Design is nice, but the shiny bits are a bit much, maybe for ladies yes, but for males I’m not sure.”

“I also like the shoes a lot, my only problem are the old apartheid colors on the soles. And yes, for ladies not for majita…”

“Somizi took Bathu into a whole new world, big up to the Bathu creator for being open minded. Congratulations to both.”

“Not my style I love the original design. They are beautiful though.”

“I doubt some of us are target market, imagine sengiqgoke isneaker eline signature kaSomizi, lapho licwebezela engathi yiJohannesburg,”

“I’m not surprised that straight guys are not the target market for this range, they just scream DIVA nje.”


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