Sophie Lichaba Retraces Harrowing Battle With Diabetes

Sophie Lichaba On Health
Sophie Lichaba

Sophie Lichaba Retraces Harrowing Battle With Diabetes

Sophie Lichaba Battle With Diabetes

Veteran actress and businesswoman Sophie Lichaba has opened up on her struggles with diabetes as well as the fallout from the fake news about her condition.

The actress, formerly Sophie Ndaba, who shot to fame playing the role of Queen Moroka on Generations, revealed that her battle with diabetes has brought a multitude of challenges for her. At one point, her life was at risk when she passed out while driving. Thankfully, she was not injured badly despite the car being totalled.

Lichaba also revealed how the constant fake news about her condition had adversely affected her family as well as her business.

“You must remember that I am not just an actress, I have businesses … People who once trusted you with R10m or R5m for their projects, when they hear you are dying, why would they even give you a contract? It was the challenge of losing a lot.”

Sophie Lichaba Battle With Diabetes
Sophie Lichaba Retraces Battle With Diabetes

Speaking on the fake news of her alleged death in 2018, Lichaba said,

“My kids, it affected them because sometimes they would be like ‘why would so many people say this? Is it true? Are you dying? Is there something that you are not telling us?’ … People don’t realise that you are human and go through human pain, like anybody else.”

Narrating the traumatic experience, Lichaba told the TshisaLive,

“I am diabetic and my sugar levels were very high and I literally passed out. That is why, for me, I want to create awareness about the condition … My kids, everyone was sad, they just said ‘mom, what if this had happened on the highway?’ It happened on a normal road but the bottom line is that the car was wrecked.”

The actress seems to be in good spirits and with the support of her husband Max Lichaba, we are confident she will weather any storms.


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