South African Rapper J Molley Attempts Suicide On Instagram LiveSouth African Rapper J Molley Attempts Suicide On Instagram Live (Image Credit: Instagram)

Mzansi in Shock as South African Rapper J Molley Attempts Suicide Live on Instagram 

In a rather shocking and disturbing development, South African rapper J Molley attempted to commit suicide last night.

J Molley, who has been battling with mental health problems and depression for a while, attempted to take his own life during an Instagram Live session.

J Molley Suicide Attempt

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, J Molley informed his followers that he was committing suicide. He revealed that he had begun the process of taking his own life.

“It’s already done guys. The process of death has started. There’s no turning back. I’m sorry,” wrote J Molley.

In another post, he revealed that his ex-girlfriend Shamiso is the only person who can save him and stop him from taking his own life.

 “Only Shamiso Can Save Me But She Won’t. Bye Guys, I’m Sorry,” he added.

J Molley revealed in another post that he is going to be dead in the next 30 minutes.

I’ll Be Dead In 30 Minutes. It’s Already Done. No One Knows Where I Am & Nobody Can Save Me. No One Cares Though. Bye Guys 🙏🏼”

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J Molley’s Suicide Attempt Broadcast on Instagram Live

In a disturbing move, J Molley went live on Instagram in an apparent attempt to share his suicide attempt with the world. The rapper was shown swallowing an entire bottle of Mylan Alprazolam pills, washing them down with Coca-Cola as he began the process of ending his own life.


South African J Molley Attempts Suicide On Instagram Live
South African J Molley Attempts Suicide On Instagram Live (Image Credit: Instagram)

In the video, J Molley was also seen displaying a bottle of Xanax pills and a sharp knife. He then began toying with the knife in an ominous manner as he continued the live broadcast.

Check out the videos here and here;

NB: Viewers Discretion is advised

Social Media Users Express Concern as Jolley Suicide Attempt Video Goes Viral

In the aftermath of the disturbing video depicting J Molley’s suicide attempt, numerous social media users reached out with messages of concern for his well-being. Social media users and prominent figures in the local music scene, including L-Tido, Rouge, and Big Xhosa, expressed their worries for their fellow artists, whose public struggles appeared to be intensifying. They implored him not to go through with it.

The video prompted an outpouring of support and calls for those close to him to provide assistance during this difficult time.

Here are some of the reactions;


He’s been battling with mental health problems for Years now, Hope it’s not too late for him 💔


This boy has been going through a lot for a while. Ngendlela akhuluma ngayo ngathi he had a very traumatic childhood. I really pray he gets the help he needs.


Really hope someone calls an ambulance for him and he gets help and gets through this alive!


Don’t give up brother . There’s hope if you have life . Imagine what your fam will go through . Stay strong .

J Molley Found After Suicide Attempt Video

Meanwhile, tech-savvy social media users fortunately managed to locate J Molley at The Capital Empire hotel in Sandton just in time. A social media user going by the handle @PeterTheTracker confirmed the successful intervention, indicating that the distressed rapper had been found and secured.

They found J Molley at The Capital Empire in Sandton, The receptionist Henry called me back to inform me
Thank God!!!!…The paramedics are on the scene, his state hasn’t been confirmed. 

Apparently this is not the first time he has tried to take his own life.

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