Nadia Nakai, Tony Forbes and AKA-Image Source@Twitter

‘Sweet Father?’ AKA’s Father Tony Forbes Gifts Nadia Nakai With A Bling Necklace

Nadia Nakai and Tony D. Forbes have grown closer than ever, united by the tragic loss of Tony’s son, the famous AKA. In a heartfelt gesture, Tony gifted Nadia with a stunning bling neckpiece, symbolizing their shared love and support.

Nadia Nakai: Coping with Trauma

During her relationship with AKA, Nadia Nakai experienced immense happiness and love. However, her world was shattered when AKA was brutally murdered, leaving her traumatized and grief-stricken. The loss of the love of her life was an incredibly difficult blow to endure.

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Tony D. Forbes: A Comforting Presence

Tony Forbes and Nadia Nakai-Image Source@Instagram
Tony Forbes and Nadia Nakai-Image Source@Instagram

Amidst the overwhelming grief, Tony D. Forbes, along with other members of the family, has stepped forward to offer comfort and solace to Nadia Nakai. Recognizing her pain, Tony’s gesture of gifting her with a bling neck piece serves as a reminder of the enduring love and support they share.

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A Token of Love: The Bling Neck Piece

According to gossip blogger Maphepha Ndaba, the bling neck piece was gifted by Tony D. Forbes to Nadia Nakai recently. Adorned with exquisite stones and crafted with precision, it represents the deep affection and emotional connection they have developed over time.

Tony and the rest of the Forbes family have welcomed Nadia Nakai as part of their family. After the death of his son, Tony gushed over Nadia, saying he knew she was right for his son. Lynn Forbes also gushed over Nadia and DJ Zinhle, saying AKA gave her two daughters.

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Continuing the Legacy of AKA

AKA’s untimely death left a void in the lives of his loved ones, but his memory and legacy continue to live on. The gesture from Tony Forbes to Nadia Nakai is a testament to their commitment to preserving AKA’s memory and ensuring his influence is felt even in his absence.


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