Big Zulu. Image Credit: Instagram/bigzulu

“Thank You For The Prayer”: Fans Rally Behind Big Zulu After He Reacts To  Death Prophecy

Rapper Big Zulu, real name Siyabonga Nene, has sparked concern among his fans after he reacted to a South African based Nigerian pastor who had prophesied his death.

The 36-year-old musician responded to a video that went viral of the clergyman predicting an impending tragedy for him.

The prophecy was delivered by Prophet David Uche, the founder of The Righteous and Faithful City located in Randburg, Johannesburg, in February this year.

Prophet Uche delivered the message, which also included a mention of media personality Somizi Mhlongo, leaving those present shaken and in disbelief

“We have to pray for a musician. I saw him inside a car, and I saw blood inside the car. I’m not the one that kills. His name is Big Zulu. I have been praying for him for [an] extension because this thing is supposed to happen [in] March next month. March, April. I’m still praying. I’m the one praying for Somizi. Now, this other man is very soon. His name is Big Zulu.”

Recently, Big Zulu encountered the viral video, and he responded, quoting it on Twitter:

“Siyabonga kakhulu ngomthandazo kodwa khona izinto ezingekho kwawam amandla [Thank you very much for the prayer, but there are things that are not in my power].”

Big Zulu has received dire warnings from religious leaders before.

In February this year, a Zimbabwean church leader based in South Africa, Obey Mukanhairi, popularly known as Dr-Prophet Mellontik Orasi Sos, gave a chilling prediction on Facebook he later deleted.

Big Zulu’s fans expressed mixed emotions after the Nigerian Prophet’s doom prediction:


“Stop promoting contract k*llers.”


“A true prophet will say, ‘I have a very big message for Big Zulu that I would like to discuss with him. Can you pass the message to him?’ He is an attention seeker.”


“Yeeey akahambe ayothandaza kubo lona aaaah.”


“May the Lord protect you.”

By jdt