The Queen’s Dineo Langa Paid Lobola For Herself

Dineo Langa and Solo Langa

The Queen’s Dineo Langa Paid Lobola For Herself

The Queen's Dineo Langa
The Queen’s Dineo Langa and husband Solo

Actress Dineo Langa and her husband Solo have always let fans into their intimate life, keeping them posted on their journey.

The duo who have been together for several years tied their knot last year in September after dating for eight years.

From the look of things, their honeymoon phase is not ending anytime soon.

The two have become one of Mzansi’s most loved couples through their engagement with fans.

Through their Instagram page, they have been offering nothing but cute couple goals.


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Speaking on their famed YouTube Channel, the two opened up the topic by revealing how rooted they are in their spirituality. They both embarked on the journey of becoming Izangoma back in 2017.

One notable thing about their spirituality is that it led them to pay lobola for one another before they got married.

Explaining to True Love, Dineo says that she got it from her dream that she was supposed to pay lobola for Solo.

“A message was conveyed to me through a dream, saying we first had to get our ancestors acquainted with each other. This would, in turn, help them co-exist peacefully going forward. To avoid any friction between the two sides, amadlozi have to pay lobola for each other— although it’s not always the case if two spiritually gifted people are in a relationship. One must get direction from their ancestors. I also had to pay lobola to his ancestors,” Dineo said.

For Dineo Langa, Solo’s spirituality is what attracted her to him. And she has always claimed that the two are not ashamed of the gift.

Dineo Langa has been quite in the arts industry after unceremoniously getting booted out of The Queen’s cast by the Fergusons early this year.