The Queen’s Uncle Brutus Used To Work In Zimbabwe As A Banker

The Queen's Uncle Brutus
The Queen's Uncle Brutus

The Queen’s Uncle Brutus Used To Work In Zimbabwe As A Banker

Themba Ndaba has wormed info fans’ heart as Mzansi’s favourite malume (uncle), Brutus Khoza, on The Queen.

The actor has been a fan favourite since The Queen premiered on Mzansi Magic in August 2016 and he continues to grow more popular as his escapades get weirder and his tongue sharper and his wit quicker.

The Queen's Uncle Brutus Used To Work In Zimbabwe As A Banker
The Queen’s Uncle Brutus

Themba Ndaba has been nicknamed Shakespeare by fans, because of the poetic language he often uses and his character Brutus has his own special language.

Perhaps it is because the actor is an excellent master of English, as in his youth, he was helping to teach English to school dropouts at a drama school in Daveyton, east of Joburg.

Themba Ndaba is not only intelligent on the screen he’s intelligent off it as well.

After his high schooling, he moved to Zimbabwe where he studied Economics and Statistics.

Themba Ndaba started working as a banker in Harare for a while from 1986 to 1988.

Yes, you heard that right, he used to be a banker!

Themba Ndaba then attended Harare Polytechnic pursue a Higher National Diploma in Business Studies with a distinction in economics and statistics.

It’s when he was teaching English at the drama schools In South Africa, that his dream to be an actor got stronger.

He once revealed to Drum Magazine that he got his role when he had to stand in for someone who was absent.

“I found myself delving into the drama workshops. It happened that one of the characters left the cast of a play that was being rehearsed and my uncle, Smal Ndaba, said I should take the part ‘for a while’. I haven’t looked back.” he said

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