The Real Reason Langa Is Hanging Around Melusi’s House

Melusi’s son’s; Ntokozo, Langa and Teddy have gotten real close since they ironed out their differences.  It’s really worrisome how close they’ve gotten considering the fact that Melusi and Thati’s secret hasn’t been unveiled yet. 

Melusi still hasn’t figured out that Langa is his son. When Thati left Gomora for Sandton she was already pregnant with Langa and the only other person who knows Thati’s secret is her sister Pretty.

The real reason Langa is hanging around Melusi’s house isn’t just because he’s friends with Ntokozo and Teddy but he’ll soon find out that Ntokozo killed his step-father and that Melusi is his biological father. Langa will overhear Ntokozo confessing about killing his father because his conscience is eating him up.

The revelation will drive Ntokozo nuts. Not only will he have to deal with murdering his friend’s father all over again, but he’s going to rebel more towards his parents. 

His folks adopted Teddy when Zodwa was dealing with her demons. They have given their attention to Teddy, neglected Ntokozo completely, and will neglect him some when they find out Langa is Melusi’s son.

Gladys is obviously not going to welcome Langa to her home with open arms because she hates Langa’s mother; Thati but she will eventually make peace with it. 

Gladys loves fixing people more than her family. While this secret will drive her mad and she might threaten divorce, she won’t leave her husband. 

Melusi’s love for Thati will fade because he hates betrayal. Whatever feelings he has for Thati will no longer exist after Langa finds out that Melusi is his father.

Melusi will love Langa more than Ntokozo because Langa is his copycat whilst Ntokozo is chaotic, irresponsible, emotional, clingy, and immature.

Ntokozo will be jealous of Langa’s relationship with their father more than he’s jealous of Teddy and his parent’s relationship because Langa is his half-brother and because he killed Langa’s step-father.

His parents won’t forgive him easily because they’ve always wanted a son like Langa. Ntokozo actually a perfect son for Thati.


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