The River: Tumi’s Storyline Need A Spruce Up  

Tumi's Storyline

The River: Tumi’s Storyline Need A Spruce Up

Tumi's Storyline
Tumi’s Storyline Need A Spruce Up  

Tumi Mokoena-Dikana-Dhlomo is one of the most useless characters on The River.

Every time we give her a chance to prove us wrong, to prove that she’s changed, that she’s matured, she goes and does something moemish.

Though her acting has improved, we are now challenging her storyline. How can she trust a man she just met five minutes ago over people she’s known for years?

Her mother; Lindiwe Dikana is not perfect, but she’s bent over backwards to ensure that Tumi is happy and that their relationship is tight.

Tumi’s father; Mohumi is going to try to destroy her. He will also attempt to destroy Lindiwe because of his hunger for revenge and power.

Viewers were outraged last night when Tumi revealed her biggest secret yet; that she killed her half-sister Mbali instead of Lindiwe.

This was completely idiotic of her to do as neither Lindiwe nor Zweli are aware of her secret.

Only Mabutho knows her secret. This was also the reason Lindani lost his life. When he found out and threatened to expose Tumi, Mabutho accidently killed him.

Every time Tumi exposes herself, someone dies.

We hope that Mohumi will be the next one to die from this secret because he doesn’t love Tumi. He’s using Tumi to get to Lindiwe and he’s not interested in a relationship with her.

By the time Tumi realises this, it might be too late! Will she lose Mabutho or Lindiwe for good, by the time Mohumi is done with her? We know that neither Tumi, nor Lindiwe or Mabutho are exiting the show.

We hope that Tumi will learn from this once Mohumi is done with her. We hope that she won’t be as selfish once Mohumi exits her life and the show for good.

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