The River: Why Lindiwe Won’t Kill Tumi

Fans of The River are watching the show at the edge of their seats since Tumi’s confession. Mandlabathu is back and feeling all sorts of emotions after Tumi’s confession. 

In last night’s scene, Lindiwe is seen holding a knife and sneaking into Tumi’s room to kill her. 

While some fans were thrilled at the idea of Tumi dying because they despise her character, some more realistic fans were aware that the whole scene was a dream.

And everyone knows that Phathu Makwarela wouldn’t kill such a huge character on a Tuesday. He’s dramatic and kills characters on a Friday so that you’re stressed all weekend and come back to the show on a Monday. 

The question fans are asking is; will Lindiwe kill her only last daughter? The answer…is no! Lindiwe has come to love Tumi and deep down understands why Tumi accidentally killed her other daughter, Mbali. 

Tumi is her mother’s daughter and all she wanted was to kill her mother for killing her late father, Thato Mokoena, and for attempting to kill her late husband; Lindani.

Lindiwe is protective of Tumi and that’s why she hasn’t told Zolani because Tumi’s secret will divide the Dikana’s. Nobody will understand why Tumi did it and Lindiwe doesn’t want to lose her daughter again. 

The show is heading towards the end of the season and the revelation of Tumi’s secret is just adding more drama to keep viewers glued to the show.

We are headed for a bumpy road though as Mohumi also knows Tumi’s secret and he’s going to use her secret to destroy Lindiwe. 

He wants as much power as she has and wouldn’t think twice before destroying Tumi in the process too. Tumi might have wanted Lindiwe to die or destroy her when she met her father, but she’s come to accept and love her mother. 

When push comes to shave, Tumi will choose Lindiwe over Mohumi because Lindiwe and Tumi have come a long way. 

Tumi’s killing of Mbali will make Lindiwe respect Tumi and treat her as her equal. Murder is the only language Lindiwe understands.  

 Mohumi will likely die towards the end of this season, but not Tumi. Once Lindiwe and Tumi are completely on the same page again, Tumi might approve of Lindiwe killing Mohumi when she realizes who her father really is.

Here are some reactions regarding Tumi on Twitter:

“I wonder why is Madlabantu not telling Zolani what is going on. Phela Zolani told her that it was Tumi who killed uMbali. Zolani even had the evidence. Madlabantu owes it to him.”

 “Tumi belongs behind the scenes bathong we need talent aaai.”

“Walked out the room when she showed up on screen. I just can’t anymore…I can’t.”

“Personally I’m over Tumis character at this point.”

“Can she die by the end of this season.”


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