The River’s Andile Is Worse Than Modiri

Lunga Mofokeng who plays the role of Andile Dikana is the worst friend a girl could ask for! He’s a spoilt-brat and a rich, privileged guy who has never helped Beauty (played by Galaletsang Koffman) with anything.

We all have those filthy rich friends who never uplift us with our businesses or help us out with loans or get into a business partnership with us because “they don’t have money.”

In fact, it would do Andile good to do some good for a change and get out of his mommy’s spotlight but he won’t. Andile is actually worse than Modiri because he’s not helping Beauty even when she’s selling her body for her business.

All he does is judge her, mock her business funder; Modiri for seeking sexual favors from Beauty.  With friends like Andile, who needs enemies? Beauty should ditch him after she officially cuts ties with Modiri because he’s proven to her, time and time again, how useless he is.

It’s not that he doesn’t have the money, but that he gets off seeing Beauty suffer! If Beauty was as rich as he was or was successful in her business, Andile wouldn’t have an audience. It also doesn’t make sense why Beauty’s other friend; Tumi Mokoena isn’t or hasn’t helped her out with her business.

It’s funny how we only noticed the cracks in Andile and Beauty’s friendship when Modiri appeared. 

I get that the writers wanted to show us what young women in poor backgrounds go through; they sell their bodies to better their lives but it was unnecessary this time around. It could’ve been prevented had Andile used his brains for once. 

There he was, cheering her on when she cut the ribbon, and demanding her to dance like everything is fine, but still doing nothing to help her, even after she confessed to sleeping with her enemy.

Andile is a fraud and friends like him should be canceled this year!


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