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The Surprising Breakthrough: How An Airtime Slip Became A Crucial Piece Of Evidence In AKA’s Murder Investigation

As the investigation into AKA’s murder intensifies, new developments have emerged revealing that an airtime slip discovered in the alleged getaway car played a critical role in identifying the suspects involved.

According to reports, five individuals were arrested on Sunday in Cape Town in connection to the murder.

Authorities believe that the white Mercedes-Benz captured on CCTV footage in a Durban suburb shortly after the shooting was the vehicle used by the killers to flee the scene.

As reported by The South African, the alleged getaway car was eventually found abandoned in a Durban township.

As part of their investigation, the police thoroughly searched the vehicle for any possible clues, and it was during this search that they uncovered an airtime slip that belonged to one of the suspects.

This discovery proved to be a vital breakthrough in the investigation and helped lead to the arrests of the five individuals in Cape Town.

The investigation into AKA’s murder took a significant turn when authorities traced an airtime slip found in the suspected getaway car to one of the hitmen’s girlfriends.

This breakthrough led to the eventual arrest of the alleged killers in Cape Town, according to reports.

The girlfriend’s cooperation with the police proved to be a crucial factor in solving the case.

How AKA’s Alleged Killers Were Arrested

According to reports, the South African Police Service (SAPS) has made five arrests in connection with AKA’s murder.

The first three suspects were apprehended at an ATM located inside the Erica Square mall in Belhar.

The remaining two suspects were reportedly arrested in a different area of Belhar.

After a white Mercedes Benz, believed to have been used as the getaway car, was found abandoned in Umlazi township, south of Durban, the suspects were placed under surveillance for two weeks before being apprehended.

Detectives from the Durban organized crime unit traced them to Cape Town, where they continued their investigation.

Eventually, they were led to Belhar, where they observed the gang’s activities before making the arrests.

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