Bonko and Lesego Khoza-Image Source@InstagramBonko and Lesego Khoza-Image Source@Instagram

‘Then They Were Three’: Bonko and Lesego Khoza Expecting Their First Child After 10 Years Together

Bonko Khoza and his wife, Lesego Khoza, have joyfully announced that they are expecting their first child together. The couple couldn’t contain their excitement and chose to share the news with their beloved social media followers. They posted a heartwarming video that revealed Lesego’s adorable baby bump, capturing the beautiful journey of their growing family.


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And Then There Were Three

Accompanying their joyful announcement, Bonko Khoza and Lesego Khoza captioned their post with the words, “And Then There Were Three.” This short and sweet phrase perfectly encapsulates the anticipation and happiness they feel as they prepare to welcome their precious bundle of joy into the world. The post quickly garnered an outpouring of love, warm wishes, and heartfelt congratulations from their friends and fans, who are thrilled to share in their joyous news.

Love and Celebrations: A Decade of Infatuation and Two Years of Union

In March, the couple celebrated their anniversary, commemorating a decade of love and devotion. They expressed their deep affection for one another with heartfelt words that resonated with their followers. Bonko Khoza and Lesego Khoza reflected on their journey together, reminiscing about the moment their eyes first locked ten years ago, which forever changed their lives. They acknowledged how their connection transformed them into the best versions of themselves.

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Two years ago, they exchanged vows before God, solemnizing their union in a sacred ceremony. The couple expressed their gratitude for the grace that God has bestowed upon them, emphasizing the profound love, trust, and companionship they have found in each other. Bonko Khoza lovingly described Lesego as his rock, home, refuge, best friend, and soulmate.

Bonko and Lesego Khoza-Image Source@Instagram
Bonko and Lesego Khoza-Image Source@Instagram

Wishing for a Beautiful Future

Bonko Khoza and Lesego Khoza concluded their anniversary message with a heartfelt wish for their future together. They hope that their days ahead will be as beautiful as Lesego’s radiant smile. Their aspirations include a life filled with laughter, love, continuous learning, and healing. Their love is steadfast and unwavering, as Bonko Khoza expresses his devotion, promising to wait for Lesego in the corner of her heart even when they are physically apart.

On their special anniversary, Bonko Khoza and Lesego Khoza exchanged expressions of gratitude for choosing one another and for the love they share. Their heartfelt message serves as a reminder of the deep connection they have built over the years and the profound bond that will guide them through the exciting journey of parenthood.

Congratulations to Bonko Khoza and Lesego Khoza on the wonderful news of their pregnancy. Their journey into parenthood is sure to be filled with immeasurable love and joy as they welcome their first child into their loving arms.

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