This Is What Will Happen On Rhythm City This November

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What Will Happen On Rhythm City This November
Our Soapie Police has been on the ground digging on possible outcomes for Rythym City and the spoilers are finally here!!!!

Below are three things we believe will happen on Rhythm City This November.

Banele and Kea find each other

What Will Happen On Rhythm City This November

This relationship has been long overdue I didn’t approve of it before because Mapule and Kea are practically sisters and Mapule and Banele were so fitting until she started sleeping with one of her professor’s/lecturer’s for money. But now that she’s betrayed him; Banele can date Kea and you best believe Mapule is going to have a hard time digesting this news. She’s going to try to sabotage them and they’ll eventually date behind her back. What I like about Banele this time around is; he’s going to defend Kea because he truly loves her.

Puleng is a doormat

What Will Happen On Rhythm City This November

Suffocate and Puleng is going to get intimate, but still, Suffocate won’t let Pain on his plans. Puleng confesses to Mzi that she hopes Suffo’s plans get foiled because she wants the ‘old Suffo’ back. These two are exhausting. Actually, the writer needs to leave this storyline alone because it’s going to end in tears for Pang as usual when Suffocate goes back to Nandi.

Nandi is going to eventually divorce Khulekani when she finds out about Zak and yes, she’ll run into Suffo’s arms.

Zak’s disappearance

What Will Happen On Rhythm City This November

Let’s hope Zak’s disappearance from the show will be temporary. Because it doesn’t make sense for, Ziyanda to find her son and lose him all over again just because he’s dating his sister or cousin or whatever they are. Why couldn’t they just tell the kids the truth instead of the drama? It’s unlike Rhythm City to drag a storyline. Khulekani is going to take the internship away from Zak and will ban Zinhle from seeing him.

P.S. In the aftermath of the jewellery heist, Suffocate is going to explain to Mzi and PLAog how he pulled it off.

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