Thuso Mbedu Called A Homophobe

Thuso Mbedu Called A Homophobe
Thuso Mbedu Called A Homophobe

Mzansi just couldn’t let the elebrated star, Thuso Mbedu enjoy wins without seeing something negative from her.

They now call her a homophobe.

This because she thanked the controversial podcaster, Mac G for the shout out on his Chill And Podcast With Mac G weekly podcast.

Thuso is currently celebrating her wins in Hollywood. Her much anticipated series, The Underground Railroad trailer was recently premiered.

It was also revealed that she will be playing alongside veteran actress, Viola Davis on the upcoming movie, The Woman King.

Just when her name was trending on social media for all the right reasons; Mac G gave a big shout out to her for making it big and lifting Mzansi’s flag in America.

She in turn tried to show gratitude by thanking the controversial podcaster on her microblog page.

But Mzansi was not having it.

They still have a beef on Mac G for his alleged homophobic statements that got him cancelled not so long ago.

According to tweeps, anyone who likes, associates or positively responds to Mac G gets cancelled.

And so, Thuso Mbedu risks being cancelled because she thanked Mac G for the shout out.

She was forced to delete her tweet.

In a recent tweet, she said she was confused as to what her mistake was and why Mzansi was now cancelling her. She wishes those who ate attacking her to educate her.

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