Tumi Leaving The River: Reason Revealed

Tumi’s Bad Acting

Tumi Leaving The River: Reason Revealed

The River fans woke up to a bit of shocking news, when it was revealed that actress Larona Moagi, will be exiting the soapie.

Tumi Leaving The River

Larona Moagi herself confirmed her departure to Daily Sun, saying Tumi’s storyline had come full circle and it was always how the character would end.

“Everything comes and everything passes”.

“Tumi has done it all and there was no other way it could have ended. I’m grateful for the opportunity

“I thank the viewers for accepting Tumi and Larona.” she said

It looks like Tumi’s storyline in the show took a natural conclusion and they wrote her out of the telenovela.

Tumi Leaving The River

According to some sources, the showrunners might have caved into the pressure by the fans, to get rid of Tumi’s character.

For years, fans have been calling for Tumi’s head on the chopping block, complaining that Larona Moagi can not act to save her life.

Her acting or lack of it thereof was once brought up by fellow actress Moshidi Motshegwa, who constantly clashed with Larona Moagi on set.

Moshidi Motshegwa once called out Larona Moagi for being a bad actress, in that infamous interview, stating that the showrunners gave her a role that was too big for her, without giving her enough support to execute it.

She likened it to taking Instagram models and giving them film roles, which demand talent as opposed to looks.

Despite the complaints about Tumi’s character, The River showrunners stuck with Larona Moagi and wrote her in major storylines, so it’s unlikely that they caved in to pressure by the fans.

It looks like they wanted to conclude Tumi’s character on their own terms.

We’re not sure if her exit is permanent since the actress did not say anything about coming back, but this is The River, Emma did a comeback and managed to pull off a grand wedding with Zolani after all.

Tumi Leaving The River

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