Tumisho Masha Finds Love For The Third Time

The third time is the charm and such seems to be the case for Tv Star Tumisho Masha. Tumisho Masha who is no stranger to heartbreak made headlines in 2016 for the divorce of him and his ex-wife Zozibini Mtonga.

Tumisho And Ex-Wife Zozibini Mtonga Before Their Union Turned To Sour Grapes

The charges leveled against Tumisho by his ex-wife were nothing short of a Tyler Perry script. Accusations of physical abuse in the year 2016 that entail slapping her during an altercation, strangling her, and smashing her cellphone against a wall – left Mzansi in a state of shock and dismay.

Mtonga had then taken to social media to share about the emotional and physical abuse she endured whilst being married to Tumisho Masha,

“I was in a relationship, a marriage, where I entertained abuse at all levels. I accepted a husband that would break me down in front of my baby, my family, his family, his friends, and in public. I stayed with someone who would tell me in front of our baby girl that he was my biggest achievement,” she said.

She added that Masha would beat her up and drag her on the floor during numerous arguments.

Baring such a gory past and bad luck in love, one would assume Tumisho would call it quits. However, the actor tied the knot with his now-wife Chantel Wagner. Not much is known about the lucky lady except for the fact that they share an adorable daughter together named Zinathi and the newlywed couple has indeed been together for a number of years now.

                                                             The Lovely Family Of Three 🙂


                          Tumisho And Wife Serving Couple Goals


Check out a Sneek Peek Photo Of The Glamorous Wedding Reception Below!

Tumisho Masha Finds Love For The Third Time


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