Tweeps React To Da Les’ All White Party  Requirements For Ladies

Tweeps React To Da Les’ All White Party  Requirements For Ladies

Black Twitter has called out South African Rapper Da Les for his “absurd” requirements on his flyer for an upcoming all-white party event.

He wants women to come waxed, and women have a problem with it.

Da Les and Saso from Dream Team teamed up for an upcoming all-white brunch party in Durban.

“Next Sunday we shutting down Durban. Bringing an ALL WHITE WIMBLEDON ENERGY to the coast for brunch. Day time splash with @Saso_DT and @2freshLES. At DANTE Water wave FREE THE WAVE,” announced Da Les.

Da Les’ All White Party

Even though, as per usual, such events are strictly by invitation and not open to everyone, nothing stopped Black Twitter from being concerned and ridiculing his post.

The post that has since gone viral on social media suggests Da Les asks for men to come with cleanest haircuts, shape-ups, and cleanly shaven.

Twitter is not sure if Sjava will make it to the list with such requirements he certainly cant meet.

As for ladies, Da Les asks that they come with proper hair-dos, manicures and pedicures – and lastly cleanly waxed.

Waxed on what parts? That was unfortunately not mentioned.

Waxing is a hair removal procedure that is effective in removing hair from its roots. It is usually done on private parts, but also on every part of the body.

Twitter went abuzz after the flyer was sent out.

Check out the comments;


Da Les, who was accused of rape not so long ago, hasn’t said anything about the Twitter backlash.

His partner Saso has, however, apologized for the bad taste on the post.

“Sanibonani guys. I’m so sorry for the All White Brunch policy sent out tonight. The requirements were highly inappropriate and for that Ngiyaxolisa. We want all our guests including the ladies to enjoy a safe party space with us,” he said on his Twitter handle.



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