Uzalo’s GC Speaks On His Return To TV

Uzalo’s GC Speaks On His Return To TV

Uzalo’s GC Speaks On His Return

Actor Khaya Dladla who shot to fame playing the role of GC on SABC’s hit telenovela Uzalo is finally back on TV, following almost 2 years away from acting.

Khaya who is wildly popular with fans is now playing the role of Nxebale Ndoda on Mzansi Magic’s eHostela. However, fans who were used to Khaya playing the role of the bubbly, easy-going GC, may take a while to get used to seeing him in his new role, as he is now playing the role of a ruthless hitman.

To do justice to the role of Nxebale Ndoda, Khaya spent huge amounts of time watching videos of former hitmen speaking about their past lives and confessing their many crimes because he really wanted to understand how they think and function. In addition, Khaya also had to change his physical appearance by growing a beard and not having his nails done.

Speaking to the Daily Sun about his role on eHostela, Khaya said,

“To be honest, I fully invested myself into the show. I had to surrender a lot of things to get into character,” he said.

“I had to grow a beard and not have my nails done.

“That’s why I wasn’t seen around much because I wasn’t the Khaya people were used to.

“I also watched videos of an ex-hitman confessing because I had to fully understand the character to be able to deliver my best.”

Uzalo’s GC Speaks On His Return To TV
Uzalo’s GC Speaks On His Return To TV As A Ruthless Gangster

Khaya said that he will play the role of Nxebale Ndoda for the entire season of eHostela.

“I’m going to be part of the show for the entire season, and I’ll be in other productions,”

Going into detail about the character of Nxebale Ndoda, Khaya described him as being stylish but hollow.

“Nxebale Ndoda is the right-hand man of a man who leads the hostel. If you take a look at him properly, he’s very damaged and hollow.”

“He’s messed up. The problem in black communities is that we don’t do much psychological testing.

“Nxebale Ndoda can kill an innocent person and not flinch. He doesn’t feel any pain. All he does is follow orders and get things done.

“…He’s stylish and has a collection of breathtaking shirts,” he said.


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