Skomota kisses Baby lipsSkomota (image: TGZ Mzansi)

‘He Got Diseases From Mkaka Girls’: Public Outcry as Skomota Kisses Baby On the Lips

Popular internet personality Skomota has social media buzzing after a video of him kissing a baby was shared.

While such a scene might typically pass without public outcry, the fact that it was Skomota in the video sparked a flurry of reactions across social media platforms.

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Video Goes Viral: Skomota Kisses Baby on the Lips Raising Concerns

Skomota kissing baby on the lips
Skomota kissing baby on the lips (Image: facebook)

Skomota, whose meteoric rise captivated audiences late last year, usually finds himself showered with praise for his every action. However, this latest display, captured on camera and shared on social media, has caused public outcry.

In the video, which has gained traction on social media, Skomota is showering the baby with affectionate kisses on the cheeks and lips. It is unclear whose baby it is but the parent is in a car and seems to be cool with Skomota kissing their baby and even recording the video. The video was shared with the caption, “Kids love Skomota”.

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Public Debate: Differing Opinions on Skomota’s Actions

After the video was shared, social media users weighed in with a section arguing that people should not let Skomota kiss their babies on the lips as this can cause the transmission of diseases. A section argued that there was nothing bad about Skomota kissing the baby, drawing parallels on how they were kissed by their grandmothers and still grew up healthy and strong.

Others agreed with the caption and pointed out how babies do not cry when they are being held by people with clean hearts.  Here are some of the comments:

Ntuthuko Machiavelli Thwala:

How do u let Skomota kiss your baby 😩

Zamaxesibe Zoko:

No no no no please don’t kiss a baby hle

Pitso Matlala:

This is an innocent kiss…we grew up being kissed by old grannies who swallowed ntsu…aiii

Nomvula Ndhlela:

I dnt hate skomota but atleast kiss the baby in the cheeks yhuuuu never allow that

Melon Tee:

Kids always feel comfortable around people with pure hearts.

Abdul Malik Shiine:

Don’t allow kids to kiss. Cuz he got disease from mkaka grils😁

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Watch the video below:

By Tayana