Fan attempts to kiss Siya KolisiSiya Kolisi (Image Credit: Evening Standard)

A video capturing a fan’s unexpected attempt to kiss Springbok’s captain Siya Kolisi during a tour in the Eastern Cape has ignited a frenzy on social media.

The South African national rugby team, the Springboks, has just wrapped up their national trophy parade after a sensational win over New Zealand.

Following their grand return to South Africa,  the rugby players have been touring different parts of Mzansi engaging with fans. Nonetheless, their tour has been tinged with a touch of drama and controversy.

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Female Fan Tries to Kiss Siya Kolisi

On Sunday, the Springboks concluded their trophy tour in East London with a jubilant celebration. Nevertheless, the festivities took an unexpected turn when a fan made an audacious attempt to kiss Siya Kolisi.

Crazed Female Fan Tries to Kiss Siya Kolisi
Crazed Female Fan Tries to Kiss Siya Kolisi (Image Credit Credit: X @odedanilo)


In a widely circulated video, the woman can be observed hurling herself at the Springboks captain, going to great lengths in an endeavour to kiss his lips.

Siya Kolisi was taken by surprise as the woman lunched at him. He used all his might to stop the woman from kissing him. The security ended up intervening as Siya left the scene in a state of visible frustration.

Watch the video below;


Social Media Buzzes with Mixed Reactions

While some social media users found the crazed fan’s reaction quite hilarious, some social media users found her gesture quite disturbing and called her out for her action.

Netizens argued that her action was not only embarrassing but also disrespectful.

Check out some of the reactions;


Lmao some women are disrespectful.Knowing very well that this man is married. 🤦🏾‍♀️


You can crush on a public figure all you want but to harass them and invade their personal space is crazy business.


I just saw a woman trying to kiss Siya Kolisi by force, they should stop the bus tour now, it’s getting out of hand.


That woman trying to kiss Siya Kolisi ngomlomo ubukhotha ipipi last night

East London women are women are shameless 😭😭

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