Watch| Leaked Footage Captures AKA's Tragic EndWatch| Leaked Footage Captures AKA's Tragic End. [Image: Screenshot/Twitter/@Christnature]

Watch| Leaked Footage Captures AKA’s Tragic End

An unverified video purporting to show the moment rapper AKA was killed has been circulated, leaving the public heartbroken.

AKA, also known as Kiernan Forbes, suffered a fatal shooting on February 10th as he was departing a restaurant and heading to Yugo Durban for his birthday celebration.

His companion, Tebello Motsoane, was also reported to have been shot during the incident.

AKA’s passing has deeply affected the nation and his sudden death has garnered the attention of prominent international media organizations such as the New York Times, BBC, and The Guardian UK.

The leaked security camera video from the Wish On Florida restaurant has spread on Twitter, causing alarm among South Africans.

AKA had shared videos dining at the restaurant with friends, including former Dream Team member Lusasa “Saso” Ngcobo, DJ and producer Benny Maverick, and others. As they finished their meal, they headed outside to go their separate ways.

According to the CCTV footage, the rapper was seen saying goodbye to his friends, hugging one of them who was wearing a bucket hat for an extended period before moving on to greet another friend.

Watch| Leaked Footage Captures AKA's Tragic End
Watch| Leaked Footage Captures AKA’s Tragic End. Screenshot from the video

However, as AKA extended his arm to embrace the next friend, a gunman dressed in a white sweater and hat approached him and pointed a gun in his direction.

As the gunman approached, he fired the weapon, striking AKA in the head or neck. The rapper quickly fell to the ground, losing his life as a pool of blood formed beneath him.


The assailant then quickly fled the scene, crossing the road and disappearing into the night. AKA’s friends and security personnel, who were nearby, scrambled for safety. Meanwhile, diners in the restaurant sprang up and sought cover upon hearing the shots that took AKA’s life.


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