Its the betrayal of it all for us!

Nyawo initiates the plan that will end up destroying Mondli and get him demoted and eventually arrested and kicked off the force.

As we reported earlier in the month, Nyawo is going to end up replacing Mondli as the Captain of KwaMashu Precinct with the help of Colonel Mabaso.

The operation to take Mondli down started last week when Mabaso approached Nyawo and dangled the position of Captain in his face.She asked him what he would do to get it.

Nyawo would do anything to get that position and more money,so the answer was easy.

Mabaso takes her instructions from Mthambisi and she poisoned Mondli last week.

In the videos released by Uzalo, Mondli is having a serious talk with his staff about loyalty and the fact that there is a mole in his crew.

Mondli vows to find that mole.

Nyawo is seen stealing very important evidence from the police station.

The evidence is going to be used to frame Mondli and all hell will break lose from there.

Here is this week’s time line according to the teasers.


Mondli’s future hangs in the balance as Nyawo executes the plan from inside.

Nyawo confesses his desires to be Captain while Mondli struggles with everything else.

Mondli tries to outrun his problems, as things start to look really awkward. Mondli is being framed and everyone thinks he is on the bad side.

A desperate Mondli tries to convince the police board that he is being framed but Colonel Mabaso with the help of Nyawo has damning evidence against him.

Mthambisi proves he is two steps ahead of Mondli.

Nyawo has his eyes on the prize and he doesn’t care who ends up getting hurt by his decisions.
It’s not the first time he has betrayed the law for money, even Nkunzi has used him for shady dealings before. He once helped Nkunzi get released from prison after getting rid of the evidence.

Watch Nyawo betray Mondli in the video below: