Thieves Caught Red-Handed Stealing Alcohol Forced Thieves Caught Red-Handed Stealing Alcohol Forced (Image Credit: X @VehicleTrackerz)

A group of thieves from South Africa will regret ever stealing again after they were caught and forced to drink the alcohol they had attempted to steal.

A video showing the three thieves being forced to drink the alcohol has emerged on social media.

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Thieves Caught Red-Handed Stealing Alcohol Forced to Drink It All

In the video that is trending on social media, the three thieves were caught red-handed stealing alcohol at the bar.

The owner made them sit down and compelled them to consume all the stolen alcohol. The video shows approximately three crates of alcohol on the floor, with onlookers—presumably the owner and patrons—observing as the thieves drank. One individual is seen holding a sjambok, urging them to drink.

Thieves Caught Red Handed Stealing Alcohol Forced to Drink it All
Thieves Caught Red Handed Stealing Alcohol Forced to Drink it All (Image Credit: X @VehicleTrackerz)

The video captures each thief holding bottles of what appears to be whiskey or brandy, consuming the alcohol. One of the thieves swiftly finishes one bottle and is promptly offered another to drink.

Watch the video below;

Social Media Erupts with Reactions

Social media users found the video quite humorous. Some netizens argued that that was a good punishment and claimed that such punishment would teach them not to steal again.


That’s a very brilliant punishment 😂
Hol’ up, are they drinking whiskey or it’s ciders?


Ke Year end Party ya di criminal


They definitely waking up next year 😂😂😂😂😂


For some, it’s all fun and games until someone succumb to this. Then “All Rise In Court..” 😂😂😂


🤣🤣🤣 So vele vele bazodakwa noma bethukile ?🤔🤔🤔🤔😅😅😅.

Conversely, another section expressed worry about the thieves’ well-being, fearing they might suffer from alcohol poisoning due to the excessive consumption in a short period.


This guy is committing a crime. You can’t make people consume so much alcohol it’s unhealthy, and he is poisoning them


SAPoliceService should investigate this issue! We cannot take the law into our own hands! What if one of these people die from alcohol poisoning?? People should start using their brains to THINK before doing some of these criminal activities! Yes the victim is now a criminal too


Is very dangerous to force them to consume too much alcohol, they can end up dead . It happened in Limpopo few years ago but that was a competition.

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