Isibaya was canned by Mzansi Magic after seeing serious drops in viewership and the last episode aired on April 21 2021.

The show pulled in viewers from its inception in March of 2013. A story about a rivalry between taxi bosses that turns very dark when one of the taxi owners kidnaps the other one and turns him into a Zombie “Umgijimi”,became one of the most intense storylines to ever be tackled on South African screens.

Samson Ndlovu(Bheki Mkhwane) and Mpiyakhe Zungu(Siyabonga Twala) and their families took over the Soapie scene in Mzansi with this storyline.

Created by Bomb productions of the Yizo Yizo, Zone 14 and currently House of Zwide fame , Isibaya was destined to tell a cutting edge story that many have never explored.

Fezile and Duma, played brilliantly by Andile Mxakaza and Muzi Mathabela were working on opposite sides as the security detail for Ndlovu and Zungu.

Fezile was working for Zungu and Duma for Ndlovu.

In the video the two are seen challenging each other to a stick fight.

The fight is over Qondi, a character played by Jessica Nkosi.

Duma and Fezile shared similar interests, they were both loyal izinkabi to their bosses and they were both attracted to Qondi.

Fezile felt disrespected by Duma because he was the first one who made a move on Qondi and Duma was threatening his territory.

The scene us beautifully shot and believable, Duma and Fezile are about to murder each other when Sbu, played by Sdumo Mtshali intervenes and breaks them up by shooting a gun in the air.

Fans of the show have been missing these epic scenes and have been asking for its return since it ended.

“TV has never been the same since the show came to an end” one commenter said

Isibaya was so epic that many of its cast members have become household names locally and internationally.

Watch the video of Izinkabi going head to head below: