Kanyi Mbau

“What Was I Thinking”| Khanyi Mbau’s “Trash” Lyrics Resurface and Go Viral

Media personality Khanyi Mbau was left surprised after her old songs were dug up by Twitter “detectives.”

Her previously released tracks, Dunusa and Gwinya, have been making the rounds on Twitter and have become a Tik Tok sensation, with content creators incorporating them into their videos.

Taking to her Instagram stories, the media personality said that whoever dug up her old song hates her.

“Whoever dug out Dunusa and Gwinya hates me,” she retorted.

Khanyi Mbau has admitted that the lyrics to her old songs are not up to standard, and has expressed regret to her fans.

She said she needs to do a remake of her song Gwinya to improve the quality of her music.

“We actually released this. I owe you guys better.”

“I need to remake this Gwinya..”

“The lyrics are trash.”

“Imagine make an album good or not 15 years ago and flops, to only get recognition in 2023!!! The recognition being comical. What was I thinking.”

Khanyi Mbau’s old songs caused a stir on social media, with many users expressing surprise that the well-known actress had once pursued a music career ten years ago.

However, the lyrics to her songs were not received positively, and many people found them humorous and even comical.

This reaction sparked a frenzy on social media, with tweeps sharing their thoughts and opinions on the rediscovered tracks.

On the flipside, in 2021, Khanyi Mbau composed a song after she dumped her Zimbabwean boyfriend Kudzi Mushonga in Dubai.

While on stage, Khanyi was heard chanting: “Shiya indoda e Dubai … phuma ngathi uyabuya”. Roughly translated it means dump him in Dubai, and leave like you are coming back.

Khanyi did Kudzai dirty by posting the video on a song with she was master of ceremony at an unidentified event.

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